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2004_Students Christmas BBQ.


Mechanical Engineering (Auto) Christmas BBQ.
17 December, 2004.

mcast_xmas-04_frans-01-cooking-burgers.jpg  mcast_xmas04_frans_02_cooking_burgers.jpg

For the second consecutive year, we at the Automobile section in the Institute of Mechanical Engineering have organised a special day remarking Christmas.
Students from all the Auto classes and some from the Mechanical attended Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Karm (Spiritual Director at MCAST). One of the workshops was converted into a temporary chapel with a capacity of around 90 students and teaching staff.
It was a hard time getting the two BBQ cookers in opertion and this took us about one hour. From then on, it was a big job cooking burgers, sausages, drum sticks and potato chips in multiples of 200, in the shortest time possible. But soon the problems were overcome and the hungry students were satisfied with a very large and well presented plate full of delicious food.
Everyone had his share and was satisfied with the food and drink available. The help of the teaching staff, the technicians and students from the older classes worked very hard in the preparation and execution of this special Christmas function. I (Mr. Deguara) would like to personally thank everyone who helps us in this special event.
Happy Christmas to you all and all your families.

2004xmas_mass_02-img_7635.jpg 2004xmas_mass_03-img_7636.jpg  

2004xmas_food_prep_01_img_7642.jpg 2004xmas_drinks_01-img_7668.jpg   

2004xmas_bbq_02_img_7670.jpg  2004xmas_bbq_01_img_7669.jpg 

 mcast_xmas-04_frans-01-cooking-burgers.jpg    2004xmas_jc_cooking_img_7698.jpg

2004xmas_football-01_img_7648.jpg  2004xmas_football-04_img_7677.jpg

2004xmas_m.aquilina_img_7675.jpg   2004xmas_spectators-01_img_7679.jpg

2004xmas_football-03_img_7665.jpg   2004xmas_eat_drink_img_7695.jpg

Special thanks to Ms Emily Attard for supplying the photos in this page.

Lets do our best for the sake of the students.