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An important part of any school is to have activities both inside and outside the classroom. Here are some pictures of our students outside their workshops.

Building a Turbo-Timer.

2004 Christmas BBQ at Auto, 17 December.

End of Scholastic Year Buffet at Dolmen Hotel.

BBQ & Autocross Car for the Blind. 25 June 2004.

Road Safety Awareness Day. 01 April 2004.

Building an Autocross Car

Christmas 2003. 19 Dec. 2003.

* Building of an Autocross car for the 'Society for the Blind' - 25 June 2004.
* Road Safety - Is No Accident - 1 April 2004.
* Restoration of Training Equipment in our Workshops.
* Restoration of an old Pedal Toy Car (circa 45 years old).
* Grand Christmas Barbeque - 19 Dec. 2003.

Time to improve your knowledge in the most important subjects. Visit the 'Technical Topics' and 'Links' pages for interesting subjects. The sites selected should be of great interest to automobile engineering students, fans and tuitors.

Contact us for additional information and dates about the activities we offer.